Walk in the park with 50+ snuffling Frenchies

Today I went for a walk with more than 50 French bulldogs.

Their owners came too, thank goodness, as trying to walk a pack of snuffling, over-excited, wriggling and racing Frenchies on my own would have been no mean feat!

During the hour walk past London Zoo, these hilarious dogs raced after each other at break neck speed like furry missiles, did roly polys down the hill and leapt into great dirty puddles in an explosion of Frenchie.

They were so delighted to see each other I thought a couple of them were going to burst with excitement. 

Leads got tangled, owners could be heard yelling ' Hugo! Baxter! Doris!" as dogs of all shapes and sizes hurtled in every direction.  

I saw one concerned couple telling their high pitched wheezing hysterical Frenchie to 'calm down' and 'breathe' before they decided, for his own safety, to snap him back on his lead. 

Everything they did made me laugh. Even the sedate pooches who lay in the shade with their back legs splayed out or dragged themselves along on their stomachs to relieve an itch, had me giggling like an idiot.

There were black ones, brindles, tan, ginger, blue, white and piebald puppies, some were large, others small,  they were round or muscly and every single one of them had wide sloppy grins, cheeky, fun personalities and enormous ears.

It was fantastic to see them so joyous and full of beans , playing and careering around the place, much to the amusement of other people strolling in the park.

Mind you, not all were amused.  Pity the poor girl who screamed with terror and clung to her mother when a tiny blue 'smiling' Frenchie at the front of the walk waddled towards her. 

Not a good day to be scared of dogs. 

Her staccato screams could still be heard miles away as more than 50 curious puppies approached her one by one to see what all the fuss was about.   

How anyone could be scared of these sweet natured, comical dogs is beyond me!

If you love Frenchies or simply want to brighten your day, check out the London French Bulldog meetup at Regent's Park once a month.

They're easy to find .... Just listen for the snuffling.

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